Our Services

We are experts in various digital fields thanks to our passions, challenging projects, and established partnerships. This gives us the opportunity to provide wide-ranging quality solutions for very diverse use cases.


By using modern frameworks and best coding practices we create powerful web, mobile and desktop applications.

Design & UX

We design quality user interfaces by smart content presentation and continuously improving them based on customer feedback.

Digital Marketing

Increase your conversions by using online advertising campaigns and our in-house developed influencer marketing tools.

Data Engineering

Helping you to collect, analyze and transform the data into the right business decisions.


Learn how to code and create modern web applications by attending our development courses.

Systems Maintenance

Our systems engineering expertise will make sure your infrastructure is always in the top-notch condition.

Internet of Things

We got you covered from hardware prototyping to full scale deployment of IoT solutions.

Web Hosting

Alongside building systems, we can also deploy, maintain and monitor your applications in the cloud.


Take advantage of blockchain technology and decentralized systems to bring your ideas into life.

GDPR Compliance

Avoid facing steep fines by allowing us to make sure that your business is fully compliant.

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