Automate the management of your services

with Service Manager's powerful administration interface

Import and export automation services

Using familiar and stylish dashboard paired with powerful services and actions properties management and XML configuration exporter and importer.

Manage working hours

Using business calendar that display all services active times in a month, week or day timespan. Working hours and days are easily monitored and exchanged through simple time management component.

Manage access and audit changes log

Using user and group properties to grant write or read rights to certain services together with audit logs, security and changes control is a breeze.

Technology stack used

  • Angular + Angular Material
  • Java JDK 8+, Spring Boot
  • Supported databases:
    Oracle 11g, 11g RAC
    DB2 9.7 or above
    Microsoft SQL Server 2008
    Sybase ASE 15.5 (jConnect 6.0)
    MySQL 5.1, 5.5
    PostgreSQL 8.4, 9.1
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